Finally… my first entry.

Hello there! My name is Bertha Muñoz-Lewis. I am a 29 year old wife, (stay-at-home) mommy, future gym-owner, fitness nerd, health buff, newbie zero-waster, minimizer of plastic consumption, strong supporter of small businesses, minimalist (not a hard core one I would say), tree hugging type of gal – whew! That was a mouthful! I am married to my super hero-husband, Dave. We have a four year old named Ava and a 10 week old named Ace. I’m a city girl residing in the country, as we left our home in Jersey City, NJ to pursue our dreams in Camden, Delaware.

How did we end up in Delaware, you ask? In 2014 my father-in-law saw our dedication to health and fitness and proposed a business opportunity to open up our own gym….the catch was we had to move to him, in DE. So the day after we got married (August 5, 2015 at City Hall in Manhattan) we packed up our family and moved in with my in-laws.

What was supposed to be a six month project to renovate our gym, has now become a nearly two year process to open up a strip mall that will house our facility as well as several other businesses. We are still living with my in-laws, and eagerly awaiting the opening of our gym, House of Champs. Although they have been very generous to allow us to stay in their home for so long, it has not been easy to house two adults, a four year old, and a newborn in one room. I am longing to have a place of our own where we can afford to cook what we like, decorate how we please, and walk around in our underwear if we choose to 😛

You might ask yourself, “why can’t you cook your own meals or just move out?” Well, we are living on one income that is not sustainable for a family of four. Prior to giving birth to Ace in February 2017 I worked for my father in law as his administrative assistant and I trained a couple clients to help make ends meet. As Dave continues to do construction at the building, he also transports students to and from school, which leaves me at home with Ace while Ava attends pre-k.

So why do we want to open up a gym? Dave and I are both former division one college athletes. He played football and I played soccer. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a CrossFit Coach, and I have my Masters in Sports Management from Columbia U. Dave is a N.A.S.E. Speed Coach with football coaching experience at the youth, high school, and junior college level. We both share a 2-fold affinity: 1) help improve the lives of as many people as we can physically, mentally, and emotionally through natural remedies: exercise and (real) food and; 2) provide the necessary tools for student-athletes to be GREAT at their sport. So yea, we cannot wait to open House of Champs this May or June (fingers crossed!).

I like to keep things short and sweet (remember I am a minimalist hehe) and I see this is starting to get lengthy so I will end with this….. If you’re interested in my story and want to follow me as I navigate, stumble, and triumph the peaks and valleys of motherhood, being a wife, being a business-owner, learning to do things the natural way, learning to do things the zero-waste way, getting in shape, staying in shape, having me time (you know the list for women is never-ending), then hop aboard! I hope to inspire and motivate many of you, and in return I hope to learn things from all you ❤

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